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All the prospects on our mailing lists, have been included at their request. We are not “list brokers” we compile our own lists though National UK Advertising and Direct Marketing. Our lists are updated and checked for errors on a daily basis using PAF (Royal Mail Database). We also conduct frequent test mailings on all our lists. We accept orders from all countries, and worldwide delivery is free.

21 – 30 – 45 – 60 Day EXPLANATION
This represents the amount of time the prospect has been on the mailing list. For example ALL the people on the ‘Gamblers / Betting 45 day list’ have inquired about Gamblers / Betting opportunities within the last 45 days.

The Male/Female ratio of our lists if approximately:

70% male / 30% female.


All our mailing lists are available laser printed on high quality self adhesive mailing labels. Mailing lists of 1000+ names are also available on database CD-ROM. The CD-ROM will contain your mailing list database in all the following formats:

Microsoft Excel .XLS database
Microsoft Works .WDB database
Database IV .DBF database
Text and Commas .CVS database

Your mailing list will contain the following information

‘Name of prospect’
‘Postal address of prospect’


Our database service team regularly surveys selected cliental to establish how well ours lists are performing.

List response is often confused with list deliverability. A list could be 100% deliverable, but perhaps you got a low response to your offer. Some people automatically assume that the list was “no good”. This is rarely true. The key factors in making your mailing list work for you are :

  • Knowing your target audience
  • Attractiveness of your mail piece
  • Cost of your product
  • Timing of the mailing

The following response rates are based on our own ‘Test Mailings’ conducted to ensure clean, updated lists. The high of 14% is based upon our ‘Hot Response Opportunity Seekers List’

Typical Response = 8%
Low = 5%
High = 14%

To Learn more about increasing your response rate, please visit our ‘Tips For Success’ page.


Our names are generated from our advertisements in the specialist and national press, including and not limited to:

‘Market Place’ – ‘Trader’ – ‘Premier Group Newspapers’ – ‘E&M’ – ‘Daltons’ – ‘Sport Newspapers Ltd’ – ‘Loot’ – ‘Aurora Publishing’

We also operate extensive advertising campaigns across the the Internet, targeting UK prospects.

In addition to targeted advertising we also use Internet based forms. Here is an example of one of the forms we use:CLICK HERE

Some of the business names we use throughout our Advertising campaigns are :

  • Bizads UK
  • Premier Opportunities
  • AAA Incomes
  • System 2K
  • UK Homework’s
  • Deadcert Racing
  • Black Pages UK

Please check publications or email us for latest Ad copy.


We carefully administer and record all our customers orders to ensure no duplication of names and addresses when you reorder repeat mailing lists. Please contact us for the best time to place a repeat order. (please quote the Bizads reference number you received with your first order)

We will price match any ‘like for like’ mailing list currently being offered in the UK, whether via the Internet or from an offline source.

BizAds operates a responsive, professional, friendly service.
If you have any enquiries or questions, please don’t hesitate to

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