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“Highly recommended! We found this to be a great resource. Good service and range of lists. We achieved higher then expected results from our direct mail campaign”

Rob Palmer
Work Exchange
[email protected]

“Jenny assisted and gave some great information on how to help my site sell. She helped me point out certain direct marketing flaws, and gave me some ideas on how to maximise my mail out. Thanks, Jenny, for the help”

Steven Brey
Sunrise Enterprises

“The success I’m having now is incredible. Thank you so much for helping me!”

Mandy and Kenny Steadson
Healthworld UK
[email protected]

“Keep up the good work. Small business needs all the help it can get. I shall recommend it to others, as I do quite a bit of speaking on the subject throughout our lovely country”

Jack Thomson

“It’s great to discover your valuable marketing resource. I will be back often. Great results”

Peter Hive
[email protected]

“Really impressed with the way you work! The best results I have had using you business opportunity mailing lists”

Mick Needam
Success Street

“Nice website, easy to use, fast delivery, good results and service. I’ll be back”

Thank You
[email protected]

“These are the best mailing lists I have purchased to date. Very good fast delivery and excellent response to my business opportunity”

R L Goode

“Good service and products. A great investment for my Kleeneze franchise”

Paul Cooke
Kleeneze Agent

“Comprehensive, accurate, up to date, etc. Terrific gateway for direct mailings”

Karen S

“I would like to thank everyone at bizads for helping my new horse racing syndicate. I purchased there gambling list and had quick, positive, high profit results”

Lee Sandwell
[email protected]